Call for Posters War and Fatherland 2015

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We invite all PhD students and postdoctoral researchers working on the First World War in Belgium to present posters for the War and Fatherland Conference in Brussels, October 14-15, 2015.

This poster session will offer a great opportunity for you to present your ongoing research to an international audience. It will allow you to improve your scientific communication skills since you will be receiving constructive feedback from both communication specialists and historians. The resulting poster will also be a useful tool for further presentations. In this perspective, we invite you to also present your poster on December 9 to the heritage sector.

The poster session is taking place on Thursday October 15. Presenters need to be available to discuss their poster after lunch. The informal and interactive setting of the poster session makes it easy to engage in one-to-one discussion with people interested in the presenter’s research.

Poster presenters do not have to pay the admission fee and do not need to register for the War and Fatherland Conference. They are also entitled to lunch, coffee and a participation folder.

Guidelines for posters → posters should be…

  • eye-catching, visual representations of a topic. An effective poster presentation highlights, with a visual display and the least possible text, the main points or components of a project. Text and images should be large enough to be seen from a distance of several feet. For more information, we recommend the free online course, developed by The Floor is Yours:
  • in English
  • in A1 format. This equals 841 mm x 594 mm or 23.4 Inches x 33.1 Inches.

You should be prepared to give a brief oral introduction to your research project and answer questions (in English) on September 15 and October 15.

Deadlines and Calendar

  • You have to submit your poster as a digital document in PDF format by September 1 through e-mail (karla [dot] vanraepenbusch [at] cegesoma [dot] be, florent [dot] verfaillie [at] cegesoma [dot] be or janw [dot] naert [at] ugent [dot] be). You also have to print your poster, and bring it on the 15th to Cegesoma for the academic workshop.
  • On September 15, we organize an academic workshop at Cegesoma during which you will attend a lecture by The Floor is Yours on academic posters design and receive a personalised feedback from a panel of experts. You will then have two more weeks to make final adjustments to your poster.
  • You have to submit the final version of your poster as a digital document in PDF format by October 1 through e-mail (karel [dot] strobbe [at] cegesoma [dot] be) Your poster will then be uploaded on the website of the War and Fatherland Conference. You also have to hand in a printed version of the poster (A1 format) to Karel Strobbe (Cegesoma, Square de l’aviation 29, 1070 Brussels) between October 1 and October 13.
  • Your poster will be on display at the War and Fatherland Conference, both on October 14 and 15. On Thursday October 15 (1:15 to 2 pm), you will be presenting your poster to an international audience.
  • We also invite you to present your poster on December 9 at a seminar on the First World War, organised by Cegesoma, Faro en Projectsecretariaat 100 jaar Groote Oorlog. During this seminar, we wish to bring together young researchers and heritage workers, valorise ongoing research projects and create public history projects. More information will follow.