Memex WW1 at the War and Fatherland Conference

War&Fatherland Conference poster-page-001

In a couple of days, the international conference War and Fatherland will start, and we are so excited to take part in this:

Wednesday, October 14
Laurence van Ypersele will be co-chairing the first session on The Fatherland and the Other.

Geneviève Warland will be co-chairing the second session on Cosmopolitan Identities and Ideas.

Thursday, October 15
Toon Vrints will be co-chairing the fifth session on Town and Nation.

The junior researchers Pierre Bouchat, Rose Spijkerman, Myrthel Van Etterbeeck and Karla Vanraepenbusch will all present their research during the poster session.

Chantal Kesteloot will be moderating the roundtable discussion of the closing session. Laurence van Ypersele, Toon Vrints and Karla Vanraepenbusch will be participating in the discussion.

We hope you will be enjoying the conference, and we look forward to meeting you!